Dr. Kethoser Kevichusa

Listen to his speech and tick the following classification to see which type of people you belong.   Idiots Not necessary someone who is mentally deficient. A totally private person. A totally self centred person. A totally selfish person. Always out for his personal gain and his personal interest. He does not have a publicContinue reading “Dr. Kethoser Kevichusa”

Tonics for the Body

 METTA Tonic METTA, an excellent botanical blend of time-tested superior herbs, is formulated in accordance with all the ancient preparatory principles of herbal medicinals of East and West using uncommon, top quality, purest herbs. It is a non-alcoholic, chemical-free, pleasant-tasting, invigorating herbal health tonic that can be safely consumed daily by both men and womenContinue reading “Tonics for the Body”

Get more nutrition in every bite

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