Dr. Kethoser Kevichusa

Listen to his speech and tick the following classification to see which type of people you belong.



Not necessary someone who is mentally deficient.

  1. A totally private person.
  2. A totally self centred person.
  3. A totally selfish person.
  4. Always out for his personal gain and his personal interest.
  5. He does not have a public philosophy
  6. He has no knowledge, no skill, no characters and no virtues to be able to live and to be able to contribute in a flourishing society and community.
  7. He is all out for his personal pleasures and for his personal treasures.
  8. An upgraded barbarian.

The Tribes People

Don’t necessary mean the fact of belonging to a tribe.

  1. A tribalistic mentality.
  2. Not able to think beyond their small tribe or small group.
  3. Their primary allegiance, their only allegiance and their ultimate allegiance is to their tribe.
  4. Their tribe is their God and their religion is tribalism.
  5. Always afraid of things that are different, that are a little alien to them.
  6. They are always suspicious and fearful.
  7. Always dealt with different people and difficult situation with incrimination, with force and with finance.
  8. The ideal person for tribes people is the warrior.
  9. The tribes people are war making people.

The Citizens

Not about political or legal status.

  1. Has the skill and the knowledge to live a public life.
  2. Live a life of civility.
  3. Recognise as a member of the common wealth.
  4. Strive for the common good.
  5. He knows his rights in a society.
  6. He knows his responsibilities to society.
  7. He fights for his rights.
  8. Always with an awareness of and with the respect for the rights and interest of others, of their neighbours, of smallest of minorities and of the worst of their enemies.
  9. Citizens made or make up a civilized society.

Citizens settle their differences with civility so they produce a civilized society. A society that truly lives up to the meaning of the name society. Society literally means friendship and friendliness.

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