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Loh Wan Kim JP

Dr. Kethoser Kevichusa

Listen to his speech and tick the following classification to see which type of people you belong.   Idiots Not necessary someone who is mentally deficient. A totally private person. A totally self centred person. A totally selfish person. Always out for his personal gain and his personal interest. He does not have a public…

Moringa Tree Moringa tree that I planted outside my  house has grown too big. It has more leaves than I can harvest. Occasionally a few moringa lovers will ask to pluck some leaves and I gladly allow them. I just wish they will help themselves without asking.

My Political Life

I was not really a political type of person. It is more like meeting the political people and asked to join them. This acquaintance popped up the question and I accepted his invitation to join the MCA. That was during the early part of my working life. It was then the Kota Division No. 5…

I am a retired businessman trying my hand at WordPress web sites

I own some collectible items and hope to sell them off.

I give opinions though not professionally.

I have wide experience and knowledge on a lot of matters



My Past Experiences

Relief teacher


In the ’60s live was not easy, jobs were hard to find, tertiary education was for the elites. So, when I finished my upper secondary (form 5), it was job hunting time. Took up a few temporary teaching jobs, including becoming a relief teacher teaching English in a Chinese in Machap village, Malacca. for three months. After that did another relief teaching in a commercial school, also teaching English as a subject. it was not that I was good in English but then I had no choice.

English Teacher
(1962 – 1964)
Became an English teacher at a Chinese school in Grisek, Muar. Being in a remote village, we had to stay and have meals in the school itself.

Merchandising Salesman
(1962 – 1963)
Joined Lever Brothers as a merchandising salesman. My duty then was to visit shops in Malacca and Muar area. I was to promote the company’s products by selling them a small quantity to expose the product. At the same time I was to put up adverts and posters and in some shops special dispensers.


Sales Representative

(1964 – 1970)

Became a Sales representative in Sime Darby promoting Peter Stuyvesant cigarettes. I was seconded to Cigarette Importers and Distributers (Rothmans Of Pall Mall). During this time I was also given training in Advertising, Marketing and Merchandising.

Every representative is provided with a Holden Station wagon.

Sime Darby Malacca Branch annual phototake – 1967.


1970 – The year I got married

I married my sweet heart after being together since 1965


Woodworking factory

(1971 -1979)

Started a woodworking factory called General Woodwork Sdn Bhd., making lampstands, table lamps and other ornamental stuff. The company was forced by the Chairman to merge with Malacca Woodwork Sdn. Bhd. Due to infighting, inexperience, financial constrain and other matters, the company was closed in 1980.



Aquarium and nursery

(1972 – 1998)

It started as a hobby in rearing goldfish. The goldfish bred in abundance and found the need to sell some off. Due to the proximity to three schools the demand was exceedingly fantasic. I had to buy from fish wholesalers. In a few short years the shop had grown to a well known place in town. Soon I branched into pond building and landscaping. One thing led to another, I was involved in nursery plants. Within a few years, with hard work and thrift I recovered my financial loss.



Fitness Centre

(1984 – 1996)

After giving up smoking I began to put on weight. As a sales rep for the cigarette company, I was smoking up to more than 50 sticks a day. Why did I give up smoking? Apart from coughing in my sleep, I had the habit of puffing the last cig., while reading a book, before I fall asleep. One day I did fall asleep with the cigarette in my mouth. It dropped on my pillow and it started burning. Luckily the smell and smoke woke my light sleeper wife and I managed to put off the fire in time.

To keep my self fit I decided to do some jogging around my neighborhood. To my great embarrassment and shock I realized how unfit I was. Imagine, dressed to the hilt in a pair shorts and expensive jogging shoes. My knees buckled and I almost fell flat on my face after jogging hardly the distance of two lamp post.

I needed to join a fitness gym, but the only gym in town was a body building gym which was not suitable.

Being rashful I decided to start a gym. For the next 3 months I attended a diploma course on ‘Professional Physique & Fitness Instructors ‘


Elysium Converted To A Night Club




Hang Tuah Handicraft & Souvenirs

(1984 – 2015)

In 1984, The Malacca Village Resort became one of my biggest customer, ordering thousands of ringgit worth of plants and other landscaping materials. The GM of the resort prompted me to set up a handicraft shop so that the rental can be offset part of the plant bills.

Although the resort’s business was not that really good, my quaint little shop did very brisk businesses from the well to do guest especially the Japanese.

In 1987 I set up a branch in Jonkerwalk. It was situated at the corner of Jonker Street (Jalan Hang Jebat and 1st Cross Street (Lorong Hang Jebat). There was no Jonkerwalk at that time but being close to the Stadthuys my shop enjoy good business.

I took up to study about Antiques, porcelain wares, jewelleries and gem stones to enhance the value of my trade.

1999 we saved enough money to buy our shop at 66, Jonkerwalk (Jalan Hang Jebat.). In retrospect, we considered myself lucky to have made the right decision; that is offering the owner a higher price above the market value. He first wanted to sell it at Rm250,000 (market value at that time was between 200 to 300 thousands. When we want to buy he hesitated and wanted to wait for the market price to increase. We offered 300,000 cash transaction and the price was too good for him to resist.