My Political Life

I was not really a political type of person. It is more like meeting the political people and asked to join them. This acquaintance popped up the question and I accepted his invitation to join the MCA. That was during the early part of my working life. It was then the Kota Division No. 5 branch with mostly English speaking members. Almost immediately I was in their committee. The following year I was elected a Vice-Chairman. Being a Vice-Chairman did not make a mark to the party leadership then and now.

1973 saw an upheaval in the party. Some members were unhappy with the leadership and wanted reformation. Subsequently some of the reformist movement were sacked Dr. Lim Keng Yaik who was the Minister with Special Functions dealing with New Villages and Emergency resign his post in protest. He was also sacked.

Dr. Lim later joined the Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia (Gerakan). As a staunch reformist in Malacca, I too resigned and join Gerakan. I helped to form branches in Malacca and I was the pro-temp Chairman of Kubu branch.

Power struggle within the state saw me ousted and left in oblivion.


Political Comeback.

In 1996 an old friend whom I recruited into the party rose to became the Malacca Gerakan’s Secretary. We met and he invited me to return to active membership. The Kubu Branch Chairman gracefully retired to let me take over my old branch.

1997 I won the Kota Division Chairmanship.

In October 1998 on the recommendation of the Party, I was conferred the Bintang Cemerlang Melaka (BCM).

I was appointed an Ahli Majlis (Municipal Councilor) in 1999. The party allocated a three year term for me but after the second year I refused to be appointed for the third year due to personal reasons.



Study Tour to Myanmar – 1999

During the tenure as Municipal councilor I joined the other councilors for a study tour to Myanmar to have an insight at their system of refuse disposal. At the same time we also visited a few interesting sites.


Giving our bus driver and assistant a coconut treat.


Lunch at the hotel


On the Temple ground.


The Reclining Buddha.


At their local market place.


Getting information about their product.






Myanmar puppet troupe



JP Appointment

12 October, 2002.





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